City Departments Contact Information 

Bryan Police Department
Direct line 419.633.6050
Fax 419.633.6055
E-mail Bryan Police Department
Administration Chief of Police 419.633.6050  E-mail Mike Willis
Captain          419.633.6061  E-mail Chris Chapa
Secretary       419.633.6053  E-mail Kristi Moor
Community Relations Matt Arnold  
Detectives Bureau 419.633.6063  E-mail  Tracy Williamson                            
419.633.6062  E-mail 
Dispatch 419.633.6050  E-mail Dispatch
Records 419.633.6052  E-mail Records

Bryan Police Department 304 West High Street Bryan, Ohio 43506  

Bryan Fire Department


Telephone 419.633.6080   
Fax 419.633.6085
Web Site Bryan Fire Department

Bryan Fire Department 304 West High Street Bryan, Ohio 43506

Bryan Street Department
Telephone 419.636.8547 
Web Site Bryan Street Department

Bryan Street Department 330 Townline Road Bryan, Ohio 43506

Bryan Recycling Center

Telephone         419.636.3382
Web Site  Bryan Recycling Center
Bryan Recycling Center 1200 Buffalo Road Bryan, Ohio 43506
Engineering Department
Telephone 419.633.6010  
Fax 419.633.6015
Web Site Bryan Engineering Department 

Bryan City Engineering 1399 East High Street, Bryan, Ohio 43506

City Clerks Office
Telephone general questions 419.633.6020   
Fax 419.633.6025
Income tax 419.633.6027
Web Site  City Clerks Office

Bryan City Clerks 1399 East High Street Bryan Street Bryan, Ohio 43506 

Mayors office
Telephone 419.633.6000    
Fax 419.633.6005
Web Mayor's Office

Bryan City Mayor 1399 East High Street, Bryan, Ohio 43506

Parks and Recreation Department
Office 419.633.6030  
Fax 419.633.6035
Barn 419.636.4232 extension 345
Community Center 419.636.9984
East End Community Center 419.636.3272
East End Pool 419.636.9152
Moore Pool 419.636.2415
Web Site Bryan Parks and Recreation 
Facebook Bryan Parks and Recreation 

Bryan Parks and Recreation 1399 East High Street, Bryan, Ohio 43506


Wastewater Treatment Plant

Telephone  419.636.8741 
Fax   419.636.0193
Web Site

 Wastewater Treat Plant P.O. Box 190 1521 Evansport Road Bryan, Ohio 43506

Bryan Municipal Utilities
Telephone 419.633.6100
Fax 419.633.6105
After hours for outages 419.633.6150 
Internet Support 419.633.0900  Mon-Sat 8am to 10 pm   Sun 1pm to 10 pm
Web site Bryan Municipal Utilities 

Bryan Municipal Utilities 841 East Edgerton Street Bryan, Ohio 43506

Judicial Numbers
Bryan Municipal Court 419.636.6939
Web site Bryan Municipal Court
Bryan Municipal Probation Department 419.636.4795
Bryan City Attorney 419.636.2596
Web Page City Attorney
Juvenile Probation 419.636.2934
Adult probation 419.636.4722
Clerk of Courts Common Pleas 419.636.1551
Common Pleas Judge 419.636.2644
Probate Judge 419.636.1548
County Prosecuting Attorney 419.636.4411 


City Council 
City Council Members City Council

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