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Q. I was involved in an automobile crash. How do I get a copy of the report?

A. Contact your insurance company. Some insurance companies will obtain a copy of the report for you.

  Ensure the crash was handled by the Bryan Police Department. Crashes outside the city limits are handled by the Ohio State Highway Patrol or the Williams County Sheriffs department. 

   If you want a copy there are four options. 

  • You may stop at the Bryan Police Department and ask for a records clerk.  
  • You may mail the request to the Bryan Police Department Attn: Records 304 West High Street Bryan, Ohio 43506. Include a self addressed return envelope. 
  • Call the police department, ask for records and a copy may be faxed to you. (419-633-6050 ask for records) 
  • Questions may be e-mailed to

Attempt to include as much as the following information as possible:

  • Name of the driver of the car. If no driver owner of the car.
  • Date of crash
  • Report number

Reports are four dollars.


Q. I received a parking ticket how do I pay this?

A.  There are two ways to pay for a parking ticket.

  • Stop at the Bryan Police department. Please bring the copy of the ticket that was left on the car. Parking tickets are indicated on the ticket. If paying by a check  make  payable to Bryan Police Department.
  • By mail. Send a check, a self addressed stamped envelope for the return of the receipt, and a copy of the parking ticket or the ticket number  to the Bryan Police Department Attn: Records  304 West High Street Bryan Ohio 43506.

If you do not know the parking ticket number please give us the name of the owner of the vehicle that the parking ticket was issued to.

Failure to pay parking tickets can lead to having warrants issued from the court. 


Q. I received a traffic ticket how do I pay this?

A. If you are an adult contact the Bryan Municipal Court prior to your court date. The Bryan Municipal Court telephone number is 1-419-636-6939. They will be able to advise you on the options available. These options are listed on the back of the copy of the citation that you received. 

You may also pay online at Bryan Municipal Court web site.

The court date is listed on the bottom of the citation.

The Bryan Police Department may accept bond for traffic tickets after the court is closed.


Q. My son/daughter received a traffic ticket. What do I do? 

A. Court dates are not listed on the bottom of the ticket for juveniles. You will receive information from the court of when to appear for the hearing. 

If the person who received the citation is from Ohio, the hearing will be held in the county the child resides in.  

The citations issued from Bryan Police officers are sent to the Juvenile department at the Williams County Courthouse. They may be contacted at 419-636-2934.  


Q. I need a copy a  police report I made. How do I get a copy?

A. Contact your insurance company. Local agents may obtain a copy of the report for you. 

  • If you need a copy stop at the Bryan Police Department, 304 West High Street Bryan Ohio 43506
  • Call the records department at 419-633-6050. 
  • E-mail records department at
  • You may mail the request to the Bryan Police Department Attn: Records 304 West High Street Bryan, Ohio 43506. Include a self addressed return envelope. 


Q. I need to get fingerprinted for work. When can I do this?

Most employers are required to submit fingerprints electronically. We do not have this capability.  You must contact the Williams County Sheriffs department to set up an appointment and request their payment fees. (419-636-3151)

A. The Bryan Police department will fingerprint you if you live in the city of Bryan or the job is for a business inside the city limits. 

We do not accept appointments for fingerprinting. You may stop in  anytime and request to be fingerprinted, or call and ascertain if an officer is available.

We do not charge for this service.


Q. I need a copy of my driving record, how do I obtain this?

A. Call the local Bureau of Motor Vehicle office at 419-636-5516 or visit the BMV's web page. 

BMV web page

Obtaining your record from BMV


Q. I receive phone calls and when I answer no one is there. What is happening?

A. Many telephone telemarketers use techniques which dial several telephone numbers simultaneously.  When one person answers the phone the other phones are disconnected

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