Bryan Police Department
     At the Top Of Ohio
304 West High St
       Bryan, Ohio, 43506

Police Department Cars

  The Bryan Police department has five marked units. One of the units is dedicated to the K-9 unit.


Car 4 2014 Ford

  Car 3 2013 Ford

Police K-9 Unit 



Past Police Cars


2012 Vehicle Report

Police patrol vehicles are usually in operation from 16 to 24 hours a day subjecting them to constant wear and tear. We complete service on a monthly schedule to maintain these vehicles in top operational form.

The Bryan Police Department has six marked patrol cars in the fleet and five unmarked vehicles. The marked patrol cars are usually due for replacement when they reach the 55,000 to 60,000 range on the mileage. History has shown that maintenance costs greatly increase after the patrol cars have exceeded this range. We also have to consider the safety issues with these vehicles, as they may have to be used in high speed situations. We have extended the use of several patrol vehicles due to budget constraints. We purchased one marked police car during the year 2012. We continue to provide two four wheel drive patrol vehicles for the inclement weather we experience during the winter months. One of our unmarked vehicles is kept for our school car. This vehicle is four wheel drive and can be utilized in bad winter weather.   


Fleet Size:       11 Vehicles

Vehicles:         6 Marked Patrol Cars

                      2 Unmarked Detective Cars

                      1 Unmarked School Car

                      1 Unmarked Captainís Car

                      1 Unmarked Chiefís Car


Total Maintenance Cost Year 2012                           =          $12,145.12  

Maintenance Cost Per Mile Driven                             =          $0.09 per mile  

Total Fleet Miles Driven Year 2012                            =          133,472 miles  

Total Fleet Gas Consumed Year 2012                         =          11,708.5 Gallons  

Total Gas Cost for Year 2012                                    =          $35,879.35  

Gas Cost Per Mile Driven                                           =          $0.27 per mile  



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