Before you leave for the bus stop

  • Wear bright contrasting colors so you will be seen easier by motorist.

  •  Leave home on time for you will not be late for the bus.

  •  Use a back pack or bag for your books and papers.

Walking to the Bus stop

  • Walk on the sidewalk if there is one  present.

  • If you must walk on the street walk single file, face traffic, and stay near the edge of the road.

  • Parents can go to the bus stop with younger children and have older children walk in groups. It is easier for drivers to spot groups of children.

  • Stop look left and right, then left again if you must cross the street. Do the same thing at alleys. Watch for cars pulling into or backing out of driveways.

At the bus stop  

  •  Do not push, shove, or run around at the bus stop.

  • Stand at least ten feet from the road while waiting for the bus. This will keep the children away from traffic.

Boarding the busWatch Your Step

  • Stay at least ten feet away from the bus until it is time to board. 

  • If the children must walk in front of the bus they should cross ten feet in front of the bus, where they can see the driver and the driver can see them.

  • If anything is dropped NEVER pick it up. Instead tell the driver and follow their instructions.

  • If you wait  for your child after school wait on the side they exit the bus. The children may be so excited to see you the forget their safety rules and run across the road.

On the bus

  • Talk quietly

  • Keep the aisles clear

  • Stay seated for the entire trip

  • Never put your arms or head out of the window, or throw anything out of the windows.


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