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The latest roll call information from the Bryan Police Department

Local Events

Bryan Jubilee Parade
June 18, 2016
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM EDT
High Street from Portland to Toy

June 25, 2016
Bryan Recreation Park

Traffic Control After the Fireworks



Operation Lifesaver, Norfolk Southern

Look..... Listen.....Live

Bryan Ohio PD Operation Lifesaver


Matt Arnold Operation Lifesaver

About every 3 hours, a person or vehicle is hit by a train.

Operation Lifesaver is working to change people's behavior around railroad tracks and crossings with the national public awareness campaign, See Tracks? Think Train!  


A robber pulled a gun on a man in Berkeley, Calif., on Wednesday, then made off with his grandmother's car-but first, he demanded to use the guy's bathroom.

Police say a resident was returning to the apartment he shares with his grandmother around 7am when a man with a gun accosted him, took his cellphone and keys, and demanded that he be allowed to relieve himself in the man's apartment, reports Bay City News.

Homeland Security Live Alert


2016 Traffic crashes for the City of Bryan
Updated June 7, 2016



February March April


June July August September October November December
21 17 26 30 35 3            
21 38 64 94 129              


2015 Traffic crashes for the City Of Bryan 



February March April


June July August September October November December
24 25 19 27 27 24 29 28 28 27 25 30
24 49 68 95 122 146 175 203 231 258 283 313



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